Tree Information!

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Native Albertan TreesNewly Available Trees
Trees that do not like to be fall dugTrees with longest autumn leave retention
Trees with colored bark for winter effectPlants For Privacy/Wind Screen
Pine Tree Varieties And How To DistinguishFast Growing Trees
Slow Growing TreesTrees That Required Good Drainage
Columnar (Narrow) TreesPrickly/Thorny Plants To Deter Animals
Drought Tolerant TreesEarliest Blooming Plants
Plants For Acidic Soil ConditionsShade Tolerant Shrubs
Native ShrubsNative Grasses To North America
Drought Tolerant PerennialsPlants For Wet Soil Conditions
Drought Tolerant GrassesDrought Tolerant Shrubs
Shrubs That Flower On New Growth

Native Albertan trees:

Douglas FirPin CherryWhite Spruce
Limber PineTrembling AspenPaper Birch
Lodgepole PineWestern Chokesherry

Newly available trees:

Hot Wings MapleRegal Prince OakSensation Maple
Columnar CrabAmbassador CrabGladiator Crab
Haralson AppleCourageous CrabGlobe Blue Spruce
Limber PineEmerald Spire CrabHoopsi Spruce
Blackhawk Mt. AshPurple Spire CrabFlame Amur Maple
Autumn Blaze MapleRed Rocket MapleStarlite Crab

Trees that don't like to be dug in the fall:

Amur Maple Ponderosa PineLinden
Tatarian Maple Scotts PineSpring Snow Crab
Cutleaf Weeping Birch Amur CherryPrairie Cascade Willow
Dakota Pinnacle Birch Evans CherryRoyalty Crabapple
Paper Birch Pin CherryMarquette Pussy Willow
Young's Weeping Birch Plum TreesKelsey Crab
Toba Hawthorn Golden WillowLaurel Leaf Willow
Russian OliveSilver Maple

Trees with the longest autumn leave retention:

Russian Olive American ElmDakota Pinnacle Birch
Laurel Leaf Willow Brandon ElmSpring Snow Crab
Russian Mountain Ash Bur Oak Hardi-Mac Apple

Trees with colored bark for winter effect:

Tree Trunk Color
Amur Cherry Bronze
Birch White or Brown
Caragana Olive Green
Golden Willow Gold
Hawthorn Golden Green
Linden Brown
Mountain Ash Reddish Brown
Pin Cherry Reddish Grey
Scotts Pine Orange

Pine Tree Varieties And How To Distinguish

Pine tree varieties are distinguished from each other by the number of needles in their bundles.

  • 2 Needle Pines: Lodgepole, Mountain, Mugho, Scots Pines

  • 3 Needle Pines: Ponderosa Pine

  • 4 Needle Pines: Bristlecone, Limber, Swiss Stone, White Pines

Fast Growing Trees

Aspen, Poplar, Siberian Larch, Willow.

Slow Growing Trees

Bristlecone Pine, Bur Oak, Ohio Buckeye, Swiss Stone Pine.

Trees That Require Good Drainage

Amur Cherry Evens Cherry Mayday
Pincherry Schubert Cherry Caragana
Colorado Blue Spruce Crabapples Hawthorn
Mountain Ash Pears Pines
Plums Russian Olive Siberian Larch
Tree Lilac

Columnar (Narrow) Trees

Bakeri Spruce Columnar Spruce Hoopsii Spruce
Ivory Silk Lilac Columnar Siberian Crab Dakota Pinnacle Birch
Rosthern Crabapple Tower Poplar Russian Mt. Ash
Sutherland Caragana Swedish Columnar Aspen Regal Prince Oak
Gladiator Crab Purple Spire Crab Emerald Spire Crab

Prickly/Thorny Plants To Deter Animals

BarberryBlack CurrantCherry Prinsepia
GooseberryPrickly RosePygmy Caragana
Fleshy HawthornWoods RoseRaspberry
Russian OliveSea BuckthornSiberian Salt Bush
Silver BuffaloberryToba/Snowbird Hawthorn

Drought Tolerant Trees

Colorado Spruce, Caragana, Pines

Earliest Blooming Plants

Rose Daphne, Forsythia, Muckle Plum, Double Flowering Plum

Plants For Acidic Soil

Azalea/Rhododendron, Cedar/Arboritae, Yew, Blueberry, Pines

Shade Tolerant Shrubs

BoxwoodBlue BerryBurning Bush
CypressDogwoodDwarf Norway Spruce
False SpireaHydrangeaRhododendron

Native Shrubs

SaskatoonsRed Oiser DogwoodWolf Willow
Golden CurrantPrickly RoseWoods Rose
Yellow Twig WillowBeaked WillowCoyote Willow
Sandbar WillowBuffalo BerrySnowberry
Buck BrushHighbush Cranberry

Native Grasses To North America

American Slough GrassBlue Joint GrassVariegated Palm Sedge
June GrassArumleaf ArrowheadSoftstem Bulrush
Blue Grama GrassWater SedgeBlue Hair Grass
Prairie Sky Switch GrassHardstem BulrushCommon Cattail

Drought Tolerant Perennials

YarrowArtemisiaHeart Leaf Bergenia
Magnus Purple ConeflowerArizona Blanket FlowerBearded Iris
PeonyBlack Eyed SusanBrilliant Sedum
Lady's MantleBlue False IndigoSnow In Summer
Cushion SpurgeDaylilyBlue Blazing Star
Russian SageMay Night SalviaTri-Color Sedum

Plants Suitable For Wet Soil Conditions

False SpireaWhite SpruceWillow

Plants For Privacy/Wind Screen

Tower PoplarSwedish Columnar AspenWillows
SpruceColumnar SpruceDakota Pinnacle Birch

Drought Tolerant Shrubs

Russian OliveSea BuckthornSiberian Salt Bush

Shrubs That Flower On New Growth

ElderWeigela (rebloom)Spirea

Drought Tolerant Grasses

Big BluestemFoersters Feather ReedElijah Blue Fescue
Blue HairLittle BluestemBlue Grama
Blue Dune LymeBlue OatPrairie Sky Switch